Tommaso Ciampa Speaks About His Brother’s Dream

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Tommaso Ciampa Speaks About His Brother’s Dream

Tommaso Ciampa is a former NXT Champion and a well-known WWE superstar, and he recently spoke about living his brother’s dream. Tommaso Ciampa recently got his first name back after Vince McMahon retired. Vince previously removed his first name as soon as he made his main roster debut.

His last match at NXT took place at Stand And Deliver which was held before WrestleMania 38.

Tomasso Ciampa Speaks About The Miz Being His Brother's Favorite Wrestler

Another popular superstar in the WWE is Miz, who was pushed really hard by the WWE a few years ago.

He was a fantastic heel and he was at one time John Cena’s main rival. He was also extremely good at copying other wrestlers and making fun of them. The Miz was also one of the participants of Tough Enough many years ago.

The reason why we are speaking about The Miz is that The Miz is Tommaso Ciampa’s brother’s favorite wrestler. The six-year NXT veteran revealed this during a chat with WrestleRant. According to Tommaso, he is living his brother’s dream.

"I'm living my brother's dream because Miz is his, 100%, his favorite wrestler," Ciampa said. "This is true as can be, I had to get Miz's number so I could send him this text. This is, I don't know, a couple of years ago, but I was like, 'Hey, it's my brother's birthday.

Probably a weird request. Normal 38-year-old dude, couple kids, wife.' I said, 'But, he would love it if you just said happy birthday. I didn't know Miz that well and he literally sent this facetime message to my brother."

The Miz made his WWE debut nearly 2 decades ago. Since then he has been part of several high-profile matches but was not part of any storyline that revolutionized the WWE by any means. According to Tommaso, The Miz has played a very important role in Tommaso’s career.

"He's played a role in my career," Ciampa said. "I'm a big fan too, like, you know, it's kind of easy for me to talk about, 'Hey, two-time Grand Slam Champion. The guy that main-evented WrestleMania' ...

That's a dude who faces adversity and has overcome, so yeah, it's been organic and it's been simple." Tommaso is very popular in the WWE as he is known as one of the toughest wrestlers around. He actually hurt his neck seriously a few years ago, but managed to make a full recovery.