Goldberg could be back in the ring very soon

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Goldberg could be back in the ring very soon

Goldberg played his last match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022. Despite being defeated, Bill had a magnificent performance that left fans and insiders speechless. Nobody expected the 55-year-old from Tulsa to be able to perform at that level at his age.

The former WCW star has often been criticized for his excessive payouts and for the countless titled chances he has received over the years, but there is no denying that he has made wrestling history. In his professional career, he has in fact achieved 322 victories out of 376 matches played and has remained undefeated for 460 consecutive days.

Recently, Goldberg admitted that he is still under contract with WWE and that he wants to return to the ring someday.

New details on Goldberg

According to 'Xero News', that day may not be that far off. Goldberg is expected to appear on Raw soon, with the aim of 'warming up' the WWE Universe ahead of his match at Crown Jewel.

It is rumored that Bill could face Veer Mahaan and Omos in a triple threat match. Goldberg has performed in Saudi Arabia in the past, but things didn't always go the right way. To Sportskeeda's microphones, EC3 recalled the infamous match between Goldberg and The Undertaker at Super ShowDown 2019.

That meeting became 'famous' due to the large number of botches. “Bill suffered a couple of concussions during that fight. It was supposed to be an epic battle, but instead it turned into something different. As the minutes went by, the meeting became more and more confusing and they both risked getting seriously hurt.

Neither was satisfied with their performance and on the return flight the disappointment was palpable. I remember Goldberg was furious with himself, he just couldn't get over it. We heartened him and told him to be happy for his extraordinary career” - said EC3.

Speaking to Sony Sports India, Riddle gave his thoughts on Goldberg and how they have a difference in opinion: "I'll say this. I had my interaction with Goldberg, bumped into each other, he's not my bro, I get it, you're not my bro.

I kept calling him bro and he didn't like that whatever, you know me, I'm not the best listener. Then I talked to him after the match, we had a disagreement, you know, I think he has the belief... and it worked for him... all he needs is a couple of moves in wrestling to be one of the best, and he has the Spear and the Jackhammer."