Sami Callihan on the 'struggle' after injury: That does something to your psyche

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Sami Callihan on the 'struggle' after injury: That does something to your psyche

Sami Callihan spoke to The Metro about his injury that keeps him out of the ring. The hardest thing was the mental struggle. “I’m still rehabbing that man. I may have come back a little too early, I may have not. The pain wasn’t what bothered me – pain’s just pain, I can lock pain out of my head.

It’s mental – it’s not being able to do what you’re used to, it’s relearning everything, it’s trying to get out of your own head and be able to be successful again. That injury, truth be told, could have ended my career if we’re gonna be honest about it.

But it didn’t, and I’m extremely lucky…"- he said as quoted by Callihan thought of many consequences and outcomes. Those were not easy moments. “When you’re sitting at home, not able to move, not able to work out, sitting on a couch eating chipotle everyday – that does something to your psyche.

Every single thing is gonna be running through your brain. What if I never get back to doing what I love? What if I never get back to being the Death Machine of old? I don’t think people realize how bad that injury really was”.

Sami Callihan and injuries

Sami emphasized that such moments are not forgotten. They leave consequences, it's hard to be the same after that. “The thought of just coming down on that leg and it snapping. No matter what, the rest of my career that’s gonna be in my head.

I felt that, I physically felt my bone and heard by bone snapped. That’s something you don’t just get out of your brain. No matter what I do, I think there’s always gonna be that little piece of my mind – but I think the more matches I get in, the more I get back, I’m gonna get that much more confident, that much more aggressive, that much more angry”. fafa