New details on Drew McIntyre's status

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New details on Drew McIntyre's status

Apparently, a situation had emerged in the last few hours that fans didn't even remotely think could have happened before the blue show. After lunch on Friday, in fact, Drew McIntyre had found a real food poisoning, after eating presumably spoiled products, with the athlete who would have had all the symptoms of a bad food poisoning, shortly before the Friday broadcast.

Night Smackdown. As reported in the last few hours by the well-known PW Insider, in fact: "What they told us is that McIntyre was really very sick with poisoning from some bad food he ate before Smackdown (so much so that they had to give him therapy before and during the show) but the company made the decision.

to kick him out of live shows for the rest of the week to rest. They eventually put Braun Strowman in Smackdown live events to fill McIntyre's spot, surprising fans with the presence of Braun, who hadn't appeared in any live events since his return to the company."

Latest news on Drew McIntyre

Fortunately, good news arrives from the Wrestling Observer, after the athlete has stayed home to rest from the bad day on Friday. As reported by Dave Meltzer on the matter, in fact: "He's better, in the sense - I don't want to say he's fully recovered already - but, he hopes he can already be in top shape so that he can go to the gym tomorrow.

Today he was able to eat some, as I think it was the first day he was able to. Unless there are other problems or something, he should also take part in the mid-week press conference in San Antonio, for the Royal Rumble. The thought is that he can be there and on TV and for house shows from Friday.

It should be scheduled for Friday's Smackdown. It was expected in a huge angle. There's something really big going on with Karrion Kross, this thing. It is not something to 'do or destroy', but it is an angle that can lead to anything."

Drew McIntyre expects WWE fans to see a more real side to his personality if he ever performs as a bad guy again. “That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about being a good guy in the past year and a half, two years, is I’ve just literally been myself and the crowd have responded positively.

Also, if I eventually turn bad again, I won’t just be the big, angry man. My character will have depth because they’ve been educated on who I really am, and it’ll be more interesting next time around”.