White Rabbit's mystery continues

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White Rabbit's mystery continues

In the world of wrestling, mystery has always been a key element of storylines, capable of involving all fans in the search for a solution on video or apparently meaningless segments. In recent weeks, WWE has introduced the figure of the White Rabbit, who in innovative ways has launched various clues that are sending fans of the Stamford company into total confusion.

In the last episode of Raw, yet another QR Code sparked the curiosity of viewers and triggered a myriad of possible theories to explain what could be behind it. This week's code takes you back to a video from TikTok that plays on the now famous expression "Who killed the world? You did", but there are other details that are slowly emerging.

One of these leads to the next episode of SmackDown, while another clearly refers to a former WWE wrestler, Aleister Black, as already explained in this article. But in the last few hours he has been discussing a further detail, which leads to our country, Italy.

The White Rabbit arrives in Italy

In the video revealed last night it is possible to see the geographic coordinates in the lower left corner. According to this sequence of numbers, the coordinates point towards Artesina, a Piementese ski resort on the top of Mount Colletto Fava, in the province of Cuneo.

But there is a particular (and disturbing) element that catches our attention by observing the images of the place: a huge pink rabbit. It is a gigantic work of art (approximately 60 meters in length and 6 in width) knitted by a group of Austrian artists, known as Gelitin, who took 5 years to shape it before claiming it in 2005.

Their intention was to create a mammoth piece of art, such as to be seen also by satellite images and to remain on the ground at least until 2025, before deteriorating due to atmospheric agents. To date, the giant plush has almost disappeared and had already suffered considerable damage since 2018.

It is possible to see the work of art through images from Google Maps at this link. At the moment no further links are evident between the White Rabbit (or the figure behind it) and this location, but we will keep you updated in case further details of significant importance should emerge. What awaits after this is yet to be seen, but WWE undoubtedly has something big in store with all these teases.