Sasha Banks has clear ideas about her future

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Sasha Banks has clear ideas about her future

Speaking on Ahch-To Radio, Sasha Banks stated that she wants to own the IP [Intellectual Property] for the characters she personally helps develop, including the one she has in professional wrestling: "You always want to create characters to play and experience.

You are. (guests) a character right now. I'm sure that once you take off the headphones, you will be a completely different person. We always play different characters in every moment of our time. For me, it's just about owning my IP [Intellectual Property] and owning the character behind the character and really defining who the character is playing the character.

In reality it is just finding yourself. When it comes to wrestling too, which is a character that I made up and play myself, and you have your writers coming in giving you a little more detail than what they see for it, it's simply when a character comes into your life, that's what you see for that character, because only you know how you're going to play him and only you know how you see that character's vision," she said.

Sasha Banks talks about her future

Mercedes Varnado, this is the real name of Sasha Banks, is certainly not new to the creation of characters, in fact The Boss in WWE is her invention, as she also told Ahch-To Radio, but she is certainly not the only character who he played in his life.

Before joining WWE in the indies she had yet another character, but she also played one in the TV series The Mandalorian, set in the world of Star Wars and broadcast exclusively on Disney +, although this obviously is not someone who created her.

The wrestler, also during this interview, broke the silence regarding her future in entertainment, making us understand that probably other characters are there ready to wait for her in other creative and working spheres, with her future in WWE currently being uncertain, although there is often talk of his return under the creative control of Triple H.

Brian James, also known as Road Dogg, believes Sasha Banks should stay with WWE. “I do think they don’t make these decisions without thinking about them,” James said. “So right, wrong or indifferent, they made this decision for some reason.

The bigger question here is what does this do for Sasha Banks? What about Naomi? Is Naomi gonna stay on? Is she gonna be punished for this at all?”