Wrestling expert takes a shot at AJ Styles

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Wrestling expert takes a shot at AJ Styles

AJ Styles is considered one of the most gifted wrestlers of any era, as well as having obtained countless awards in the most important federations in the world. The 45-year-old from Jacksonville is the only performer in history to have held a world title in WWE, TNA, NJPW and NWA.

During his Stamford adventure, he won the WWE Championship twice, the US title three times, once the Intercontinental Championship and once the Raw Tag Team Championship, making him the 22nd wrestler in history to complete.

the Grand Slam. In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Styles was defeated by Sami Zayn due to interference from Solo Sikoa. At the end of the match, Judgment Day tried once again to recruit him, but AJ was adamant and turned down the offer.

This refusal has sparked a new chaos.

Vince Russo opens up on AJ Styles

Speaking to Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo said that AJ Styles is only performing for the money: “To be honest, I think 'Phenomenal One' is continuing to step into the ring just to receive the his check.

He just goes to work and gets his salary, doing whatever the management asks him to do. He has probably made a lot of friends in WWE and doesn't want to leave that place, but his character has now been completely demolished."

Vince then lashed out at Triple H: “I'm fed up with WWE and AEW shows. The Game is no better than Tony Khan, they are on the same level. Both of them have no idea how to put together a wrestling show that reaches the general public.

Their shows are good for people who are seated in the first ten rows of the arena. They made the decision to cater to that audience, which embodies a very narrow niche. I repeat that Vince McMahon still runs the company. WWE needed a blanket of smoke to divert attention from the real problems."

Ric Flair recently praised AJ Styles, saying the WWE RAW Superstar was among the top five workers in the wrestling business today. “I’ve remained great friends with James Storm, I haven’t seen Bobby [Roode] in a while.

But I think the world of AJ Styles, I think he’s one of the top four or five guys in the business today. And of course Sting, he’s an icon and still doing it and doing it a pretty high level," said Ric Flair.