Shane McMahon is farther and farther away from WWE

Shane McMahon got in touch with WWE when he was 15

by Simone Brugnoli
Shane McMahon is farther and farther away from WWE

Shane McMahon got in touch with WWE when he was 15, starting to deal with merchandising and listening to advice from his father Vince. His television career began as a referee and then became a producer, announcer and even a wrestler.

The relationship between him and Vince deteriorated significantly earlier this year during the Royal Rumble. The two had a heated quarrel, which led the now former Chairman to remove his son from the company. According to reports from 'Fightful Select', Shane would have attempted to make a series of changes to the main event, unleashing the wrath of several superstars.

Shane's departure from the company has caused fans and insiders alike to wonder what the former Hardcore Champion is doing right now.

Backstage news on Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon currently holds no executive position in WWE.

There were many who thought that he would be back after his father's sensational farewell, but he didn't. Vince's place was taken by Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team. As for Shane, in August 2021 he was appointed executive chairman of 'Ideanomics', a company he founded that deals with the development of electric vehicles.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Tom Prichard revealed that Shane had a genuine passion for wrestling: “He really liked this business and he didn't want to be one of many. He has always loved experimenting with new things and he didn't mind being the center of attention.

A lot of people didn't like Shane, but he had the skills and the head to steal the show”. According to Jim Cornette, there is no chance of seeing Shane in AEW: “As much as there may have been some disagreements with his family, I don't see how Shane can go to work in a rival federation.

He doesn't even need the money. Shane is a great hard worker and an honest man. It is not true that he has a disproportionate ego, he is a label that has been given to him as the son of the WWE owner." Dr. Tom Prichard recently opened up about Shane McMahon's in-ring work: "He's got a passion for it.

I would say he is insane, and he is crazy, but we're all insane and crazy," stated Tom Prichard. "He had a passion for it. He didn't just want to go out there and have a match, he wanted to try the Van-Daminator, and he wanted to try all these things. He wanted to steal the show."

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