How was a SmackDown angle really going?

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How was a SmackDown angle really going?

According to what emerged from the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp, of the site Fightful, immediately after the Friday Night SmackDown live, something would have gone wrong with the shot of flame that launched Scarlett on Drew McIntyre, with the explosion that would not have gone as it would have.

due and which led the two contenders to face each other in a totally improvised angle. During its latest update, Sapp reported: "We were told very clearly, that the card that made the flash was not ready for live TV and did not work as it should, not seeming as truthful as a blow to the face.

We were then told that Karrion Kross had to continue improvising. He and Drew McIntyre totally improvised the rest of what happened. "The beauty of the live broadcast, therefore, with a special WWE effect that didn't work as it should and with the two protagonists of the ring who, however, did very well, not letting fans know that something was not going as planned.

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A few days after the live broadcast of the blue show, however, further details emerge regarding the famous angle of the flame shot fired by Scarlett against the Scotsman of the WWE. After learning about Drew's food poisoning, we also learn from Wrestling Osberver's Dave Meltzer what Kross's manager should have done with his flame instead, with the well-known reporter saying: "It was largely improvised, but not exactly.

There was a lot of fear that they would have to use a firearm. But they knew it wouldn't be effective before going live, so they knew they'd have to fix the shot live. So if you notice, Drew McIntyre paused for a few seconds and then attacked Kross.

They called her in an exceptional way, I think they understood each other and then Scarlett hit him with the low blow. It worked somehow, but that was definitely not the original plan." Drew McIntyre expects WWE fans to see a more real side to his personality if he ever performs as a bad guy again.

“That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about being a good guy in the past year and a half, two years, is I’ve just literally been myself and the crowd have responded positively. Also, if I eventually turn bad again, I won’t just be the big, angry man.

My character will have depth because they’ve been educated on who I really am, and it’ll be more interesting next time around”. Drew McIntyre is currently involved in a storyline with the villainous Karrion Kross on SmackDown.