Seth Rollins caused a stir

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Seth Rollins caused a stir

Even before one of the last episodes of Monday Night Raw was staged a few Mondays ago, the two contenders of Clash at the Castle and now also of Extreme Rules, Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins, had come to blows, with the former fighter of MMA and the visionary of Raw who had put on a show in the parking lot of the Pittsburgh arena where the episode would then go on stage, a few hours before the live broadcast.

With a video posted by several fans on social media, it was shown how Riddle and his arch rival had already faced each other a few hours before their face to face during Raw, with the two who were then also separated by some road agents and some WWE officers in the arena parking lot.

Fortunately, the fight ended in the best possible way, with the security that managed to separate the two before they did irreparable damage. After seeing this video, also commented by the WWE reporters, the two athletes ended up confirming their match at Extreme Rules, with Riddle and Rollins facing each other in a Fight Pit in the next WWE ppv.

New details on Seth Rollins

Immediately after the official Monday Night Raw cameras shut down their functions, Seth Rollins saw fit to once again go and attack his Extreme Rules opponent from behind, with Riddle obviously responding to the attack despite being waving goodbye to the fans.

fans, causing everything to come into a real brawl. The fans of the company, obviously only those present in the arena, enjoyed the whole scene, with the usual referees and road agents who had to intervene for the umpteenth time, to separate the two.

With a video surfaced on WWE's Twitter channel, in the end, all the other fans in the world could also witness Rollins' attempt to go and weaken his Extreme Rules opponent, apparently in vain, though. At Extreme Rules there will be the final showdown, once and for all.

Former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock recently teased a return to the company as part of the upcoming Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle contest. Despite The Visionaries' win over the former RAW Tag Team Champion at Clash at the Castle, their rivalry is far from over.

Before the match could start, Rollins began praising himself and said he would've been the United States Champion if it weren't for Matt Riddle. Seth Rollins capitalized and hit The Stomp.