Does WWE have three different sets of new belts ready?

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Does WWE have three different sets of new belts ready?

Throughout the history of WWE, numerous belts have been modified over time, from those that have had a completely renewed design to those that have only seen the color change, such as the Universal title, which went from being red when it was to Monday Night Raw to being blue now that it's Friday Night Smackdown or the old Intercontinental title, first black, then white.

Apparently, the management of the Stamford federation would have in mind to change the design of several titles once again, as some insiders would already be completing a new version of some belts, as they did just a few years ago also for the Fiend.

of the company or for John Cena and Edge.

WWE already has several belts ready

Apparently, the idea of ​​new designs would not be too random, given that WWE has already worked very closely in recent months, to create new belts, especially for the men's tag team sector of the main roster.

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the Fightful site, the famous Belt Fan Dan, already manufacturer of several belts in the past of the WWE, would have several belts ready to be delivered only to the company or that he has already delivered, with the site that has reported in the last hours: "Those we spoke to told us that they have at least three new sets of belts that are ready and currently in the hands of WWE.

Belt Fan Dan has been hype fans a couple of times already, saying those were the new couple belts. Dan noted that there is a design with a black strap, with double plates and a large WWE logo in the center of them. Furthermore, the manufacturer also pointed out that there is another older version of the belts, never used, which is very similar to the women's couple belts, but with colored straps.

Some sources in WWE also indicate that there are several color alternatives that have been mentioned, but that don't have many other elaborations on them." Roman Reigns and AJ Styles recently faced each other at a live event, sparking rumors that a proper feud could be on its way.

As per Cageside seats, after their non-televised match, a feud could take place between the two men on-screen after six years of staying away from each other on RAW and SmackDown: ''Roman Reigns wrestled AJ Styles on his house show appearance in Vancouver last weekend, and there’s speculation from & others than means Styles could be in line for a feud with the Undisputed WWE Universal champion soon.' '