*Spoiler* The new video of the White Rabbit surprises everyone

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*Spoiler* The new video of the White Rabbit surprises everyone

During the Friday Night Smackdown live broadcast last Friday, WWE staged the song White Rabbit once again, during a segment not aired in front of the cameras, while instead in another curtain, a new one appeared. QR Code, like the one seen on Raw last week, where another video came out like the one already seen with the bunny playing hangman in the red show.

This time, inside the code were the coordinates of Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada, site of tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, with WWE having been doing a sort of treasure hunt for weeks to find out who hides behind these mysterious videos.

In addition to the coordinates, the word "Patricide" came out, which is the first argument that Wyatt used in his very first promo with the FCW, before he became NXT, in which Wyatt talked about killing his own father.

Obviously, during the night, WWE wanted to hide a new QR Code in the episode of the red show, with the federation having confused the minds of its fans even more, inserting numerous new characters in the film that aired by scanning the code.

White Rabbit porta ad Aleister Black

In the video that emerged after scanning the Raw QR Code, several characters from WWE history such as Road Dogg, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton or The Rock are shot, with these characters putting together the famous phrases of the white bunny that have become famous.

The thing that has left the fans of the company shocked this time, are some URL codes that come out almost by chance going to look for the WWE code, with two precise sentences emerging from the various nonsense sentences.

These phrases are "No man is ever truly good" and "No man is every truly evil" For the more attentive, the solution is already under the nose, since these phrases are the incipit of Aleister Black's entry music in the WWE rings.

That instead of Bray Wyatt, WWE is planning everything to bring the former Malakai Black of the AEW rings back to his TV screens? Or maybe Wyatt will return to Black's side in a large stable? We just have to wait for further clues from the company to try to understand something.

As clues continue to appear regarding the identity of White Rabbit, WWE fans have attempted to figure out who the mysterious figure is. This is why it was particularly interesting when Bray's signature red hue appeared during one of Alexa's matches.