*Spoiler* Bianca Belair never disappoints

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*Spoiler* Bianca Belair never disappoints

The episode opens with Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss stepping into the ring with EST talking directly to Bayley saying she won't screw her anymore and that the Japanese and Little Miss Bliss are there to keep an eye on Dakota and IYO.

To interrupt her comes Bayley who tells her that while Bianca has been given everything, she was raised in the business to be a champion, she worked her butt to get where she went, she has wanted it since she was a child, and the champion he replies that nothing was given to her, he worked hard to get it and Bayley replies that he got it because she was injured.

Eventually, after a few more minutes of bickering, the leader of Damage CTRL launches the challenge: the two of them for the Extreme Rules title in a Ladder Match and Bianca accepts, before challenging IYO for a match at that moment.

Bianca Belair kicked off WWE RAW

Meanwhile, the new stipulation of the match between Bianca Belair and Bayley will make things much more interesting. Seth 'Freakin' Rollins vs Rey Mysterio. The visionary picks up the microphone and says he could be there with the US champion belt, but it's not the fault of Matt Riddle who distracted him in his match against Bobby Lashley.

Then he adds that all of this will end in two weeks at Extreme Rules in their Fight Pit Match, even if people don't believe in him, but he doesn't care because he's Seth Freakin 'Rollins so he can face any kind of match and he says he has more.

brain of his opponent and will prove it at the PLE when everyone calls him "The King of the Fight Pit." At the end Rey Mysterio enters and without wasting time immediately attacks Seth and after a break we return to the match with the two who are fighting.

At one point they end up outside and Dominik walks up the ramp with a chair and ups, here is a new qr code of the white rabbit. But returning to the countess, Dominik seems to want to hit Seth, but then he takes his side. Upon returning from the break the two challengers are back in the ring with the son of the luchador who has sat on the ringside.

After several more minutes of fighting, they end up again with Dominik requesting his father to hit him with the chair and while Seth distracts the arbyr, Rhea Ripley attacks Rey from behind and then they throw him back in the ring with Rollins locking him in submission. and wins by fainting of the opponent.