*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio has been betrayed

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*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio has been betrayed

Alpha Academy vs Johnny Gargano & Kevin Owens. Here the good KO plays at home, in Canada, but Gargano is the first to go ahead against Chad Gable. When he then takes the gear, obviously the audience explodes, while the Canadian manages to put Otis in trouble.

Be careful because KO also closes Gable, after a few minutes of struggle, in a Sharpshooter that drives Canadian fans crazy, but Otis interrupts everything by saving his teammate. At one point that crazy Owens catches Otis putting him on the comment table with two Superkicks before climbing the barricade and pouncing on the member of the Alpha Academy breaking the table and leaving Gargano in the ring to try to win the match, but Austin Theory does it.

distracts him and Gable leaves him in the ring coming very close to victory, but Johnny Wrestling comes out of the pin and also out of the ring, hitting with a Superkick Theory before giving Gable a DDT and pinning him. Rey Mysterio was convinced that his son was being manipulated by Judgment Day.

Rey Mysterio is in trouble

Rey Mysterio countered the buckle bomb and hit a hurricanrana before heading up to the top rope. Backstage AJ Styles is asked why he turned down the Judgment Day offer and he says we need to remember what the stable did to him and that for now he's been fine on his own for some time, but is interrupted by Finn Bálor who is still looking to convince him to enter the stable by promising him great things and offers to cover his back in his match against Sami Zayn who will have Solo Sikoa on his side, but the Phenomenal refuses.

After the break we see the Alpha Academy and Austin Theory arguing over what happened in the match just before trying to clarify. The Money In The Bank winner suddenly gets a call for Gable putting on speakerphone and you hear someone threaten them with some nasty things he's going to do in SmackDown and well ...

it's Braun Strowman and Gable looks very worried as Theory motivates Otis for the match next week against Gargano. Omos vs two jobbers. If they paid me a dime for every Omos squash match I would be rich and enjoying fruit cocktails in Hawaii.

Omos wins and beats the two a little more after the bell rings. I wonder when Triple H will let him go because that is, useless since day 1. Backstage The Miz finds his security squadron lying and stacked on the ground with Lumis dressed as a hockey player hitting him with his club before grabbing him and squeezing him in his deadly grip.