Candice LeRae on her impressions after the RAW Debut

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Candice LeRae on her impressions after the RAW Debut

Candice LeRae has delighted many on her debut. She confirmed her qualities. Nikki A.S.H. was her opponent, and LeRae was more dominant and deservedly celebrated in the end. In a conversation with Nikki A.S.H., LeRae was speechless because this is what she dreamed of.

“I can’t believe you’re even saying that,” LeRae said to Schreiber. “Like, it’s so insane. I mean… six year old me is freaking out inside, adult me is just like… [squeals in excitement] Is that a good reaction? I feel like that describes it all, right? Yeah?” The fans were an additional factor of her happiness, considering that they were great and were her great support.

In addition to fans, Candice had a lot of support from other wrestlers. “Wild,” she said. “Absolutely wild. Like, tonight was so perfect. They made everything even better and like, seeing everybody… Bianca, and Asuka, and Alexa.

I mean, it would’ve been perfect, I guess, had I not talked to Damage CTRL, but I won’t talk about that. Let’s just talk about the happy things and how perfect and amazing tonight was, and that literally the WWE Universe was the sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cupcake”.

Beth Phoenix on Candice LeRae

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix supported Candice LeRae on Twitter. She is happy about her return, and this will be just the beginning of a great story. “When I was training for WrestleMania with @NatbyNature , @CandiceLeRae generously came to work with me to knock off the ring rust.

She’s a stellar wrestler but as everyone will tell you, an even more stellar human being! Congratulations on your return to the big stage! Thank you so much!!!! I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. I hope we can do it again soon! [heart emoji],” Phoenix wrote with a clip from training.