Drew McIntyre on 'singing' with Tyson Fury after the match

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Drew McIntyre on 'singing' with Tyson Fury after the match

Drew McIntyre failed to defeat Roman Reigns and to win the title. After the match, Tyson Fury appeared in the ring, with whom McIntyre sang together. McIntyre talked about the whole situation on the Hollywood Raw podcast “The singing that happened in Cardiff, if you had told me, ‘You’re going to sing a song after you lose a big match,’ I still haven’t checked how much was on TV, but not all of it was supposed to be on TV, but we went for it.

If you embrace it, chances are the crowd is going to embrace it too and you’re going to have a fun time together. After that fun time, you deal with the serious storyline stuff on the following TVs”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com Freddie Prinze Jr.

("Wrestling with Freddie" podcast) talked about exactly that situation and mentioned one problem. “The end of the match was weird because they forgot to say cut,” Prinze said. “I know this for a fact.

I asked a couple of people. They left the feed running and all of a sudden Drew McIntyre was feeling good, Tyson Fury came out to the ring, and they sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ after a loss. It was so weird”.

Drew McIntyre on Roman Reigns

McIntyre spoke highly of his opponent in an interview with the Daily Star “He has been on top for 10 years now, and there were times when the crowd wasn’t necessarily with him.

“He kept his head down and pushed ahead and did the best job he possibly could. “He has always been an incredible athlete, but I think he has really found himself the last couple of years and embraced who is. “You always get the best character with the volume turned up, and he finally became himself and turned that volume up.

“That’s led to this Tribal Chief success that people have really set on and he has already had years of equity [that has] taken him to the next level of superstar that we need more people to reach. “I am happy for him but he’s had those titles for 9,000 days now so it’s time for someone else to reach that level!