Rey Mysterio proudly remembers her origins

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Rey Mysterio proudly remembers her origins

Rey Mysterio is arguably one of the most recognizable wrestlers of all time, having made his way into the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Before making a name for himself in ECW and WCW, he performed for some time in Mexico listening to the advice of his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr.

During his long and glorious WWE career, the Mexican-born pixie won the WWE Championship once and the heavyweight title twice. As if that weren't enough, he has won the Intercontinental Championship twice, the United States Championship twice and the lightweight title three times.

Rey has also excelled in the tag team division, especially alongside Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Edge and Batista. Son Dominik's debut in WWE allowed him to live a second youth, despite several of his insiders having advised him to hang up his boots.

Backstage news on Rey Mysterio

When he was not yet famous, the former WWE Champion fought in several Mexican federations under the name of 'Colibri' The 'Roots of Fight' clothing company recently released a collection of classic t-shirts in collaboration with the legendary Rey Mysterio.

"Before I became famous all over the world, I performed around Mexico calling myself 'Colibri' I was 14 and I didn't know where this fantastic journey would take me” - wrote Rey on Twitter. Recently, Mysterio revealed that stem cell therapies have extended his career: “I thought it was a good idea and underwent a major treatment in 2019 in Colombia.

I started seeing an incredible change right away. I felt rejuvenated. I was able to move without pain in my knee and I was back in great shape. I received the last treatment last April and my recent performances testify that it worked"

The masked wrestler was the 14th performer in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Rey Mysterio commented on his son Dominik's progress in the ring. He stated that he would like to see the latter carry his iconic mask after retirement.

“My next goal is to eventually be able to look for a great plan of retirement. I also want to make sure my son is set. I’m really enjoying his evolution. We’re still seeing a lot of growth with Dominik. I always have to remind myself he hasn’t been doing this for very long," said Rey.

"He’s doing very well, and I push him to do better every single time he’s in the ring, I want to hang up the mask down the road, and hopefully see Dominik carry that mask and continue with the Mysterio legacy."