WWE forced to close the Performance Center


WWE forced to close the Performance Center
WWE forced to close the Performance Center

In recent days in Latin America and Central America there is nothing but talk of the hurricane that is doing tens of millions of damage, with Cuba being the first country to be overwhelmed by the power of the wind and is already counting the first damage done by Ian, with the whole world standing helplessly watching.

Of course, the hurricane doesn't stop its devastating power until after a few days, with the United States being the next target of the devastating hurricane's fury. In the last few hours, even the WWE has had to run for cover, given that its headquarters for training and young recruits is in Florida, more precisely in Orlando.

The famous Performance Center of the McMahon company is a center of excellence for pro-wrestling around the world, with the colossus built by the WWE in Orlando serving all young talent, but also the most experienced Superstars, to train both on the rings built by the federation, and as regards the promos on the microphone.

WWE closes its PC

Given that Hurricane Ian is moving right on the west coast of Florida, where the WWE Performance Center is located, the well-known site PW Insider reported only a few hours ago the news that WWE had to close its center in Orlando, seen that the hurricane category passed in a very short time to force 4.

Many of the WWE athletes have also flocked to Twitter, such as Natalya, praying that the hurricane does not do too much damage, as has happened in past years with other hurricanes. At the moment, there are already around 800,000 people, according to the poweroutage us site which will lack electricity, in the cities and counties of: Collier, Charlotte, Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough and Pinellas.

In the next few hours, however, it is expected that Ian will take on a new connotation, becoming even more dangerous, with the hurricane that should pass to force 5. Recently, Brian Gewirtz has explained why Triple H initially disliked him during his early days in WWE as a writer.

“While I had at least a cordial relationship with Bradshaw, Kane, and Taker, Triple H truly did not think I had any business being in a backstage position of power at the time (and he wasn’t alone),” Gewirtz wrote.

“This was a guy who looked up to tough, take-no-s**t legends like Killer Kowalski (the man who trained him) and Harley Race”.

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