The Shield Reunite for Last Time

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The Shield Reunite for Last Time

A WWE faction can get ruined if one or more members of the group leave. The WWE has had many memorable factions over the last decades. Some of the factions that left or quit made a return and continued from where they left off.

A few tag teams can also be considered factions, but not always. The most popular factions help the WWE generate millions of dollars. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were part of The Shield. They debuted in the WWE as The Shield and began terrorizing the WWE locker room.

Their music would hit and they would emerge from the crowd to take on various wrestlers. After The Shield broke apart, the wrestlers started performing as solo wrestlers and became champions. In fact, Seth Rollins is the current WWE Universal Champion.

As noted, Dean Ambrose will leave the WWE after his contract expires. The WWE tried whatever they could to make Ambrose stay, but he did not. He will leave the company at the end of this month and will most likely only perform at live events.

The Shield reunited for the last time in the WWE when they came out after RAW went off air. Roman Resigns and Seth Rollins praised Dean Ambrose and all that he did with The Shield. Ambrose himself thanked the fans and also bowed in front of the fans..