Melina makes an interesting revelation

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by Simone Brugnoli
Melina makes an interesting revelation

A few days ago, a guest on the Grapsody podcast, Maria Kanellis let herself go remembering what she thought were the good times of the Divas, times that, however, from many points of view, it would be better to forget. In that period, in fact, women were considered inferior to men and more than wrestlers, they were models and were seen as s*xual objects for the pleasure of men who flocked to the arenas to attend wrestling shows.

Maria in particular, has openly expressed herself on the fact that she would not mind bringing back the title Divas, the famous pink butterfly that represented a bit of the s*ssism of those times in the discipline, as colleagues like Mickie James and Trish Stratus who they opposed this thing.

WWE legend Booker T said Melina was difficult to deal with in the locker room, but opined that she was the best female wrestler of her generation. "As far as Melina goes, I really like Melina now; I did not like Melina in her day.

No one did. She was one of those that owned it, she wanted to be the best in the ring and hell to deal with in the locker room."

Melina on the Divas Era

A guest on MCW Backstage Pass, Melina wanted to have her say on the Divas Era, talking about the fact that it is being unfairly linked to the WWE Diva Search.

She shared her belief in her that everyone who held the WWE Divas Championship did their best. "It's a weird thing because Divas are tied to the concept of modeling, and they don't. This is the hard part where the term 'Diva' is remembered as a modeling period, and it wasn't even that.

in a way. But in any case, every woman who held that title did her best, she gave everything. Maybe you can blame the Diva Search, but we can't blame them for their search for opportunities. It's like Tough Enough. You can't blame the people who made Tough Enough.

That's what Diva Search stood for." Host Tara Meyer noted that women's wrestling has changed a lot, and Melina responded by saying that, while that might be the case, it wouldn't change the era she worked in because her experience has given her a unique perspective: " I feel like I have a great perspective.

I will never change and I will despise the period I lived. Everyone says, 'Okay, would you like to be in this era because there are all these opportunities?' No, I love what I went through and the perspective it gave me."

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