Rob Van Dam tells a bizarre anecdote

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Rob Van Dam tells a bizarre anecdote

Rob Van Dam was one of the most gifted wrestlers of the modern era, as well as having held 21 overall titles across ECW, WWE and TNA. The Battle Creek champion is also the only performer to have completed the Triple Crown in both WWE and ECW.

In WWE he won his first title in 2001, the Hardcore Championship, quickly becoming one of the most spectacular superstars on the roster. He was six times Intercontinental Champion, once European Championship, twice WWE World Tag Team Champion and once WWE Tag Team Champion with Rey Mysterio.

As if that were not enough, he won the 2006 edition of the Money in the Bank and was the only athlete in history to simultaneously hold the WWE Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Guest in the latest edition of 'Cafe de Rene', RVD revealed a curious anecdote about Chris Benoit.

Rob Van Dam's curious anecdote

"It was Chris Benoit who taught me how to ingest proteins without having to use a shaker" - said Rob Van Dam. “I use the method Chris taught me to this day, three times a day.

Sometimes I start sneezing and it's not nice for others, but by now they are used to it” - he added. In 2021, Rob was inducted with full merit into the WWE Hall of Fame. "I had missed the HOF ring at some point.

The employees of the hotel where I was staying found it by luck and sent it to me in a day or two" WWE has released a ton of superstars over the past two and a half years, sparking controversy on social media. “For various reasons, I never felt untouchable when I was working at WWE.

People are always amazed when an athlete is fired and this phenomenon has become a constant in recent times. Even when I was at the top, I never took anything for granted. It is still a business, in which things can change from one moment to the next.

Every wrestler must be ready to pack up at any time”. Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam has recently opened up on the possibility of making a comeback in WWE to have one more run. "That would be awesome, yeah. You know what, I kinda feel like if they wanted me there, then I would be there.

They would make it so that I would want to be there. Without having any, just being on the fence and not feeling hungry or either way, just whatever happens happens, like RVD is, I kinda feel like that. I don’t know what they wanna do, what their plan is, what their agenda is for all their talent now."