*Spoiler* Sheamus took very hard blows

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*Spoiler* Sheamus took very hard blows

Sheamus faces the IMPERIUM. The IMPERIUM goes into the ring to badly dredge the Brawling Brutes and Gunther lets us know that Sheamus will land next week and then at Extreme Rules the whole stable will take care of that of the opponent, but Sheamus is not there and intervenes saying that unfortunately his friends are stuck in Florida, but he is there, adding that he is more than willing to sit him down and Gunther sends his henchmen with the Irishman hitting them with the Irish stick before stepping into the ring, letting go of his cane AND THE RISSONE STARTS, but before Sheamus can finally land the champion, Ludwig and Giovanni keep him in the corner eh… ouch… Chop after Chop after Chop and then a Powerbomb.

The Irishman, however, takes the microphone while the IMPERIUM is moving away and says: "Is this all you can do?" WHAT IDOL THAT IS! Unfortunately for him, however, he is blocked again and the Austrian hits him with his stick, sending him into the world of dreams.

Meanwhile backstage Bayley responds to Shotzi by telling her that he will kill her first and then go to Extreme Rules to defeat Bianca Belair and become our new Raw champion. Returning to the comment table, Michael Cole informs us that unfortunately the legend Antonio Inoki has passed away.

We all at World Wrestling extend our condolences to family, friends and fans. Nobody will ever forget what he did for this discipline.

The Ring General ended Sheamus

The Ring General ended Sheamus with a powerbomb and walked out of the ring with his faction.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Austin Theory & The Alpha Academy vs Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano & Kevin Owens. The match started only a few minutes ago that there is already a bit of chaos that is settled by the good team, but after the break we see that Theory and the Academy are back to dominate, obviously not with a few improprieties.

After a few more minutes of fighting everything ends out of the ring and KO and Johnny Wrestling land Otis with Superkicks putting him on the comment table, but Gable saves his partner by bringing the Canadian over, who rebels and gives him a Stunner after Gargano has made a DDT on Otis and meanwhile CLAYMORE ON THE RING AND 1 2 3 GOODBYE TO AUSTIN THEORY!

What absurd stuff this ending and that's not all, because the Scotsman takes the belt and hits Theory by sending a message to Kross.