Strange New Character for Bray Wyatt’s Return?

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Strange New Character for Bray Wyatt’s Return?

It isn’t uncommon for the WWE to introduce a new character and a new gimmick for a wrestler that has worked for them for a really long time. Most characters and gimmicks can get stale! WWE wants the fans to stay interested in the product and they only do that if they continue to provide fresh content.

It is better to simply give a well-known wrestler a fresh character and gimmick rather than hiring a completely new one. Bray Wyatt has taken time off to recover from various injuries and to spend time with his family. Wyatt is one of the most well-known WWE Wrestlers of the world.

He even wrestled The Undertaker at a WrestleMania event. He has a huge fan base, and has won various titles during his run with the company. To make things interesting, the WWE might give Bray Wyatt a completely new character for his return.

He will be returning to action soon, according to various reports. WWE introduced a laughing buzzard on the post-WrestleMania RAW. The YouTube video said, “What is this unusual creature, and why is it laughing?" They are creating hype for this character, so Bray Wyatt will most likely receive a massive push once he returns. It is true that Wyatt has been performing at live events, but he hasn’t returned to any WWE TV show yet.