Backstage details on Lacey Evans' booking

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Backstage details on Lacey Evans' booking

In the spring we saw some footage of Lacey Evans returning to WWE with a new character after being out of the picture for a long time to give birth to her second daughter. The former marine in fact told us, in some cartoons, about her past, about how difficult her childhood and adolescence were, marked by a father who suffered from various psychological problems and with a mother who practically raised her alone.

After a while, however, between roster changes every week practically, Lacey Evans is back to being a heel, tired of the role of babyface and obviously because of the booking of the company itself. She then she disappeared again for several weeks before returning to SmackDown last Friday fighting Liv Morgan.

What's next for Lacey Evans?

Speaking of his podcast Experience, Jim Cornette had his say on the match against the champion of the blue brand, expressing little appreciation for his booking: “Who pissed off Lacey Evans? This is my question.

Because I don't know if I've ever seen a person with such talent being booked in such a bad way, by any company. What should you think of her? They made her do those promos. Again, I'm sure either Vince's fruit or some weird idea he had.

They made her do the promos as a child who suffered abuse and military heroin and the young woman determined which led to her being a heel. She's great as a heel, but now they're using her as a meat for this Liv Morgan experiment to try to make people believe that Liv Morgan is or always has been, or she should be a professional wrestler.

Lacey is great, she has the physique, she looks like a fucking athlete. Her work looks pretty good, she has a great heel attitude and great body language about her when she grabs the girl by her hair by pulling and screaming in her face.

And she did what she could to make it look like Liv Morgan somehow belonged in the fucking ring. I'm not saying she did it, but she did what she could. I can see Lacey Evans as a heel who is presented without a weird story.

I can see her at the top of the women's roster against Charlotte or Bianca or Becky or Rhea or any of the, you know, higher level women." Former WWE manager Jim Cornette recently spoke highly of SmackDown Superstar Lacey Evans.

"She looks great. She's got the size, she looks like an athlete. Her work looks pretty good, she's got tremendous heel attitude and great body language. She's snatching the girl by the hair and taunting her and the trash-talking."