Latest update on 2022 Survivor Series

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Latest update on 2022 Survivor Series

The War Games Match, a very particular match stipulation seen in recent years in the special events of NXT, was born in 1987 in WCW, the historical rival of the then WWF, and has been restored in WWE in the black and gold brand starting from 2017, always under the creative guidance of Triple H.

The current format, previously different from the original, sees two teams made up of 4 members clash. There are 2 wrestlers to start the contest, with the other members entering the two rings at a distance of 3 minutes from each other.

The match officially begins only when all 8 athletes have entered the structure and ends following the first pin or submission of the team. In one of his latest interviews, Triple H had explained how the War Games will reinforce the legacy of Survivor Series and spoke of the need to evolve over the years, which is why this year these matches will also be included in the ' the company's latest Big Four.

Latest news on Survivor Series

Apparently, the announcement wanted by the same COO of the company, who has now also become the head of the entire WWE creative team, Triple H, would have had the effects hoped for by the federation.

After announcing the return of the War Games, the sale of tickets for the event dedicated to fans has had a significant surge, so much so that at the moment there are very few handfuls of sold-out tickets. But let's see the numbers: - Tickets still available: 150 - Current capacity of the TD Garden in Boston: 12955 seats - Tickets distributed: 12805.

Immediately after learning of the return of the famous match made historic by the WCW, fans flocked to buy the federation tickets, with a boom of over 75% sold since the Triple H announcement onwards. What can I say, another great success by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, with the married couple who replaced the old Chairman, Vince, who so far does not seem to have missed a shot yet.

Besides the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and SummerSlam, another event that is part of WWE's Big Four is Survivor Series. In an interview with The Ringer, The Game confirmed that two WarGames matches, one for men and another for women, will feature in the event.

“We’ll have a men’s WarGames match and a women’s WarGames match. The tradition of the Survivor Series has ebbed and flowed and changed slightly over time, but this will be similar to that,” Triple H said.