Chelsea Green received an absurd gift from her husband

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Chelsea Green received an absurd gift from her husband

Matt Cardona's love of collecting action figures (wrestling themed and more) is well known, but the late WWE Zack Ryder is also a huge fan of Disney theme parks. Chelsea Green, his wife and currently also a colleague at Impact, is all too aware of this.

Well, the current Knockouts World Tag Team Champion confirmed to 'Gaw TV' (host of SoCal Val and legendary fighters Mickie James and Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria in WWE and Tara in TNA) how deep this passion of the man she chose to marry.

But, above all, how this passion, after a few too many drinks, led him to order a Mickey-themed artwork to give her to hang at home. Too bad that she, the painting in question, "does not riece just to pleasure" "Here's what happened - said a Chelsea Green halfway between amused and resigned -.

Matt had just returned home from the Walt Disney World Resort. It is a pity that at that time the park hosted the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and he had come back dead drunk. And there he had ordered this."

And at that point, during the interview, the wrestler pointed to a painting. Which, therefore, still stands out in their home. The protests towards Matt Cardona of his wife were of little use: "I tried to make him understand, just for his information, that launching into the world of art collecting should be a step that we should take together.

In short, before buying a painting for home, perhaps we should be sure that the purchase convinces both at least."

Chelsea Green tells an anecdote

Even if she doesn't like the painting chosen by a tremendously drunk Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green has also committed herself to giving him a gift for his birthday.

And so she did, sourcing a matching painting that features both Mickey and Minnie, with subtle hints to their real lives. "I actually found the artist who made it and asked him if he could make a custom piece for me," explained the late Laurel Van Ness.

"And if you look closely, Mickey's tail is a star, which represents America, and Minnie's tail is a maple leaf. Which instead represents Canada." The two actually spend a lot of time in the parks, with other wrestlers who are big Disney fans in their private lives, like Cody and Brandi Rhodes.

Chelsea Green, however, has made it clear that she is "A normal level Disney lover", unlike her husband. "Matt is completely crazy, he's a five out of five star Disney fan. He knows everything. Not about Disney movies, by the way, but about parks. Crazy stuff."