Carmella reacts to a video released online

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Carmella reacts to a video released online

In the last few hours, especially on Twitter, he has been holding a very private video that would have emerged yesterday and which sees a girl and a boy busy having fun in a bedroom. Obviously, over the years, several videos and contents of WWE Superstars have emerged that should not have emerged, a bit like it now happens too often with TV celebrities, with some hackers who manage to steal this very private information or through some ex who taking revenge, he releases this material online, to the delight of those fans who are waiting for nothing else.

This time, it seemed to have happened to Carmella of the WWE, former champion of the blue roster of Friday Night Smackdown and to her husband Corey Graves, reporter of the federation and former fighter of NXT, with the name of the beautiful athlete who has bounced online since yesterday morning.

Carmella denies all her involvement

Immediately after being able to see the content definitely forbidden to minors under 18, Carmella strongly wanted to deny that she was the female part of the video and above all she wanted to condemn those who wanted to start shooting the video with her name below, because in doing so he would have ruined a career and perhaps even the life of these characters called into question.

The tweet of the beautiful blonde from WWE was canceled after a few minutes, but her words were saved on the net, which reported: "You all want to see me fall, huh ?? Photoshop is on another level these days ... She's cute, but it's not me "And again: "IT'S PHOTOSHOP !!!

Do some research and you'll find the ORIGINAL. Just tweet about something you don't even know about. You're out here trying to ruin people's lives and their careers. It's disgusting "Once again, a bad social and pro-wrestling page has been written, with certain content that should remain private, of each of us and WWE Superstars are definitely not exempt from this, as the life of many and many former wrestlers, have already been abundantly ruined because of these things.

WWE Superstars Carmella and Otis were guests on Corey Graves' After The Bell podcast. "I was having discussions with the young lady behind the counter about what it's like to call your matches, which is very strange to me because the members of the WWE Universe who watch Total Divas and follow us on social media know about our personal life to an extent, but the vast majority of the people who watch SmackDown, probably don't exactly know."