Kurt Angle tells a very interesting anecdote

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Kurt Angle tells a very interesting anecdote

Very often in WWE are organized curtains, angles or matches, which in the end never find a realization in the rings of the McMahon family, because something is not going as it should, such as the episode of Monday Night Raw where a match was to be staged.

more women, in which Naomi should have become the No. 1 contender for the Raw Women's Championship title and never staged. On that occasion, everything was trashed because the then tag team champion, together with colleague Sasha Banks, left the WWE, with the staff having to invent something to cover the hole and staging a completely different main event.

scheduled. Many other times, however, it is the WWE that cancels its own programs, because it sees that some of the protagonists are not able to fulfill the wishes of the creative team and therefore we move to plan B or even more drastically, we change the protagonists of the content to be broadcast.

Kurt Angle feels WWE pulled Hall of Famer Bob Backlund off the air after he didn't adhere to what was originally in the script.

Kurt Angle opens up on Bob Backlund

In the last episode of his Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to talk about the funny backstage curtain created in the WWE, when the former WWF Champion Bob Backlund refused to apply a maneuver to Chris Benoit in a match and the management decided to expel him forever from the federation rings as an athlete.

In his speech, Angle said in fact: "Bob should have put Chris Benoit in the Crippler Crossface while he was sitting and Bob said he didn't want to because he wasn't standing. I turned to the writers and said 'oh f ** o'

When Bob then went on stage and did that, they just said 'We've had enough of Bob Backlund, we gotta get it out of the way' Don't get me wrong, working with Bob was fun. I had it." Eventually, Bob Backlund, who also later became a WWE Hall of Famer, also had another WWE stint a few years ago as manager of Darren Young, with such a stint that it lasted much less than a year, with the young athlete who was later fired from the company, along with many other athletes.

On the latest episode of the Gold Medal Q&A w/ Kurt Angle on Ad Free Shows, the WWE Hall of Famer took time out to respond to some interesting questions. "I'm not gonna lie to you. [The thought of a return] comes across my mind here and there every once in a while but I just had knee replacements."

said Angle "I'm in no position to think about wrestling right now. It's been two and a half months since I had my knees replaced. Both at the same time."