Drew McIntyre comments on his evolution

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Drew McIntyre comments on his evolution

Drew McIntyre did not achieve the success he hoped for during his first WWE stint, also due to a not always professional attitude. After moving away from the Stamford company, the Scotsman spent two years in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling gaining maturity and experience.

Drew returned to Vince McMahon's court in 2017 starting a new career. In addition to being a four-time world champion, he has held the Intercontinental title once and the Raw Tag Team Championship twice (making him the 31st wrestler to complete the Triple Crown).

He also won the 2020 Royal Rumble match by eliminating Roman Reigns last. During a recent interview with 'Hollywood Raw', McIntyre unveiled an anecdote relating to his early career.

Drew McIntyre is a WWE veteran

"There were high expectations of me and Sheamus when we first set foot in WWE.

He was on Raw and I was on SmackDown. Sheamus was placed under the protective wing of Triple H and I under that of The Undertaker,” recalled Drew McIntyre. “Vince told me to only listen to Undertaker's advice.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very disciplined at the time and my wrestling IQ was much lower than it is now. I have received tons of lessons from the Digger, many of which have flown over my head. Luckily I was able to recover some of them ”- he added.

Drew also revealed that he does not like Hell in a Cell match: “I have never put up with that type of match. I played a couple and always lost. I was on top of the cage and it was a terrifying experience. As I was climbing to the top of the cage, I felt a fear that I can't even describe.

Theoretically, there should be little holes to help you climb, but you are so tense in those moments that you can never find them. They are invisible”. On September 3, McIntyre faced Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, but he failed to take the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has opened up about the fireball botch that happened on SmackDown. "It is frustrating when it is something that should be ready to go on a live television show. But at the same time, it is a live television show, and it is not my first day.

So, I know things don’t always go like they are supposed to go. Hence, why I didn’t fall down and hold my face because I don’t trust anything after 20 years in wrestling. I just reacted until I knew everything is OK, and then someone got the cue, and it was not OK."