Is Brandi Rhodes close to WWE?

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Is Brandi Rhodes close to WWE?

After Cody Rhodes' return to WWE, people started speculating about a possible return of his wife who was a ring announcer for the company at the time and when the American Nightmare decided to leave, she followed him and has started his career at the top floors of the AEW.

According to our colleagues at Fightful Select, Brandi Rhodes is still a free agent despite her recent appearance, in fact the woman in mid-August had fought in a live event inside the WWE Performance Center for the NXT brand.

The Fightful report pointed out that Warner Bros Discovery had contacted Brandi in September, however the context of the contact is currently unclear. We remind you that Warner Bros Discovery owns TBS and TNT, the networks that broadcast Dynamite and Rampage, the All Elite Wrestling show, weekly.

Fightful also reported that Brandi and Warner Bros Discovery maintain a 'friendly' relationship, but don't usually contact each other on a regular basis. Even the same company had also tried to keep Cody Rhodes in AEW, but obviously without success.

It was also pointed out that Brandi hopes to be able to integrate KultureCity with WWE, a company of which she is a member of the board.

Latest news on Brandi Rhodes

Even if for now the future of Brandi Rhodes is quite uncertain from the point of view of returning to the ring with the WWE, we know that he has decided to found and start a podcast of his own, something that lately is very fashionable among the personalities of the world of the professional wrestling.

The episodes are available on the official YouTube channel “Nightmare Family” and the first guest of this podcast was Rene Paquette, wife of Jon Moxley and the two obviously talked a lot about motherhood because they have recently become mothers.

For now we just have to wait and see what the next move will be for both Brandi and WWE. While Rhodes won't be seen on AEW TV for the foreseeable future, the 38-year-old star could still possibly wrestle for other companies, as Barrasso stated below: "Per multiple sources, Brandi Rhodes is not expected to join her husband in WWE.

This is not to imply her wrestling career is over, as Rhodes just revealed to SI that she is determined to win championship gold in wrestling. Obviously, that won't happen any time soon in AEW, but she could still wrestle elsewhere.

And after working as AEW's chief brand officer, the talented Rhodes will continue to find success wherever she goes," reported Justin Barrasso.