Finn Balor on His Previous Title Reign

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Finn Balor on His Previous Title Reign

Although the biggest prizes currently in the WWE are the WWE and the Universal Titles, the United States Title and the Intercontinental Title are still important titles. Many WWE wrestlers don’t even win these lesser valued titles, even after spending years working for the WWE.

The WWE is very careful about selecting who to give titles too! The champion must have a fan base or if he/she is a heel, must be very good at making the crowd hate him/her. The champion must also be very fit and healthy, so he/she can defend the title and not get injured during the title reign.

It is true that some wrestlers retired as champions as they suffered a career ending injury during their runs or had to take time off during their reign. Finn Balor won the Intercontinental Title after he defeated Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 35.

This isn’t the first time Finn has won the Intercontinental Title. His previous title run wasn’t that good. He spoke about it during a backstage interview. "Obviously my first Intercontinental Championship reign didn't go exactly as planned," Balor said.

"[With] this reign I intend on righting all those wrongs. When I look back at history, I look back at all the great Intercontinental Champions like Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Razor Ramon. I intend to prove that I do belong in the same category as all those legends. I'm going to be a fighting champion."