Jade Cargill is ready for a huge challenge

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Jade Cargill is ready for a huge challenge

Jade Cargill right now, is one of the most dominant women in women's professional wrestling, with the TBS champion still remaining undefeated in the ring since her debut. The performer has had a particular path in the world of wrestling, in fact she herself admitted that she did not follow the discipline as a child and then concentrated more on her basketball career, but when Mark Henry found her in a gym and he proposed to try, she threw herself in and is now having a huge success despite being still a bit green in the ring.

So it can certainly be said that if sport, of any kind, calls Jade Cargill, she responds, does not let the answering machine start, does not decide to ghost him, she responds immediately and so she did also on Saturday evening with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Jade Cargill is ready

During the BKFC 30 event, the current All Elite Wrestling champion TBS accompanied Lorenzo Hunt to the ring for his BKFC Cruiserweight Championship fight against champion Quentin Henry. Eventually Hunt won by knockout and is now a double champ because he holds both the Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight titles, so Jade Cargill has definitely brought him luck.

Taken well by this fantastic appearance, the leader of the Baddies let herself go on Twitter writing: “BFKC is absurd. Most of the matches were a KO. Now I want to try it, "with a slightly stunned face and one that laughs.

Who knows if the wrestler will eventually decide to surprise us and really try. The video of the entrance of the two with the broadcaster who wrote: "Nobody makes an entrance like Lorenzo Hunt was also released on the Twitter profile of FITE TV.

The Juggernaut comes out for his fight with AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill as BKFC and wrestling champions join forces." WWE didn't sign AEW star Jade Cargill as the company didn't want to give up "enough control," according to Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

"I made that offer to them [WWE] but they didn't want to relinquish enough control. You know, there was financial considerations and all of that stuff that is personal information. But, I also knew people over there in AEW and I was on 'Team Jade' so I was like, 'Listen, I've got somebody for y'all if y'all want her, this is what's necessary' - and boom, they picked her up," said Henry.