Won't Sasha Banks be back in WWE?

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Won't Sasha Banks be back in WWE?

WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T has expressed his thoughts on the possible return to the Stamford Federation of former Raw Women's Champion, Sasha Banks and her former tag team partner Naomi. Both have not appeared on screen in WWE since May 13, when they played a match at Friday Night SmackDown where they won one last match against Natalya and Shayna Baszler.

We continue to talk about the future of Sasha and Naomi, after the two abandoned an episode of Monday Night Raw in May due to discontent due to the programming of the show. Since then there have been several rumors leaked. In recent weeks, the two former WWE duo champions would return to the active roster of the federation, a sign that they may have filed their problems and have found an agreement to return to performing.

Booker T opens up on Sasha Banks

As for Sasha Banks, the latest indication, one way or another, came when Boss changed her ´SashaBanksWWE´ verified Twitter account to her real name: ´Mercedes Varnado´.

On this question it is still necessary to understand if it was just a random choice, given that some wrestlers keep their real name on social media, or if the latter has not been able to find an agreement with the WWE to return, despite the latest reports.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T explained what he would have done if he had been in the place of Sasha Banks and Naomi. In addition, he also revealed how he believes neither woman will return to WWE: “I was definitely one who hoped to see Sasha, as well as Naomi, return.

I thought that both girls would leave as they did and I was wondering if they would come back later. I remember wondering, 'Would I really have done this? Was I really going to leave before I did my job? ' I think it's a business thing, in the sense that in this world it is not only oneself that matters.

I've heard other wrestlers, even veterans who have been in WWE, have said the exact same thing to me. They said they would do their duty first and then leave the arena, not like Sasha and Naomi did. For this, I don't think they will come back.

They said they would have done the job and then left because it’s like tradition. I think losing that tradition factor in the business, that right there is where the rubber met the road as far as the situation went as far as whether we were going to work it out or not because it was a little bit different than the tradition of the way wrestling has always been dealt,” added Booker.