*Spoiler* Solo Sikoa has shone again

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*Spoiler* Solo Sikoa has shone again

The second part of the red show begins with SETH ROLLINS, left in the ring, claiming to have cleared the rubbish and showing a video where the Fight Pit Match is explained. MATT RIDDLE arrives in the hookup and the two begin teasing heavily, with the Visionary attacking the Bro's family, while Orton's friend says that his wife Becky Lynch attended a WrestleMania main event unlike her husband and that he always is.

finished second… and he will do it again on Saturday night! DANIEL CORMIER (ER special referee) also intervenes, who wants calm, while Rollins leaves! In the locker room we see THE MIZ talking to his friend Lumis's wife and the two are celebrating the Awesome's birthday directly at RAW next week, hoping there won't be any negative surprises.

Meanwhile, DEXTER LUMIS appears behind the A-Lister, but a bizarre intervention by the technician avoids everything, despite Miz chasing him away ... -Candice LeRae Vs Women's Tag Team Champion Dakota Kai w Damage CTRL Candace starts well, but an intervention of Bayley and Iyo change the wind of the challenge, with Dakota close to success after a Big Boot!

Gargano's wife does not get upset and shortly after performs a Superplex (not very good) from the second string! Candace would like to close ... BUT THE TWO OF DAMAGE CTRL INTERVENE ... DAKOTA ROLLUP ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! We see JOHNNY GARGANO walking backstage and he runs into THE MIZ and DEXTER LUMIS, the latter who seems to be stroking Mizanin.

Solo Sikoa took on The Street Profit’s Angelo Dawkins on WWE RAW.

Solo Sikoa is a threat

Solo Sikoa is being built as a major threat in WWE. Not realizing what he has seen, Gargano goes to wake up the A-Lister, who sees a drawing in his hands of him, Lumis and a cake and leaves, while Johnny is amazed!

We see an interviewed BAYLEY, who says that during the signing of the contract she will be alone, but at Extreme Rules she will get help from her friends! While we see a video of the ALPHA ACADEMY where they promise revenge, at the comment table we find the MISTER MITB THEORY!

Alpha ransom? -Johnny Gargano Vs Otis w Chad Gable Otis makes his physical strength prevail, while Gargano plays with cunning. Johnny avoids Otis' finisher and scores with a flying DDT and a kick, touching 3! The two end up outside the ring and Gargano attacks Theory!

However, as Otis returns to the square ... THEORY HITS GARGANO WITH THE CASE AND THE REFEREE TALKS TO GABLE ... ACCOMPANIED CRUSH OF OTIS AND 1 ... 2 ... AND 3 !!! Theory immediately attacks Gargano together with the other two ... BUT ARRIVES BRAUN STROWMAN, who makes a clean sweep and throws Gable from side to side as if it were a ball!