*Spoiler* Bayley made a difference

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*Spoiler* Bayley made a difference

The third and final part of the red show opens in the infirmary, where US CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY officially challenges Seth “Freakin” Rollins to a match titled next week and wants to destroy him, just like Riddle will do at Extreme Rules!

In the ring we see Corey Graves summoning the WHITE CHAMPION BELAIR and BAYLEY to sign the contract! The Role Model starts immediately by saying that the choice of the stipulation was strongly desired by the EST, which wants to prove that she is someone.

Bayley compares her rival's career to a straight, only it will be stopped in the bud. Belair reiterates that the Role Model does not have a defined identity and therefore almost always fails; furthermore, she claims that Bayley will never be as good as her.

At one point, Bayley asks Graves what time it is… AND HAS A BACKSTAGE Brawl BETWEEN DAMAGE CTRL AND ALEXA BLISS & ASUKA… AND BAYLEY ATTACKS BIANCA BELAIR !!! The champion manages to get rid of her, but arrives too late: Asuka is screaming in pain in her leg, while the Goddess openly challenges IYO SKY!

-Angelo Dawkins w Montez Ford Vs Solo Sikoa w Bloodline The focus of the dispute is the ongoing conflict between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso, who distract the referee and interrupt Angelo's pin. Shortly after, Dawkins throws himself from the third rope and hits everyone on the outside of the square!

However, Angelo is distracted and the Samoan performs his SOLO SPINNING, closing the contest!

Bayley is unleashed

Backstage we see the MISTER MITB THEORY console the ALPHA ACADEMY and reiterate that next week he will face Johnny Gargano!

Let's see a promo of EDGE, which promises pain and blood to Extreme Rules and can't wait to get his hands on Finn Balor and Judgment Day! Bianca Belair attacked Bayley outside the ring and was sent into the steel steps.

And we have reached the all-female main event! -Alexa Bliss w RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair Vs Women's Tag Team Champion Iyo Sky w Damage CTRL The challenge is balanced, with Alexa replying to her rival's offensive.

Sky performs a nice Neckbreaker and wants the MOONSAULT ... BUT IS WRONG ... BLISSED DDT BY ALEXA AND TWISTED BLISS FROM THE THIRD ROPE !!! 1 ... 2 ... BUT BAYLEY STARTS !!! All hell breaks loose outside, while Alexa rolls out the two of the Damage CTRL!

The Bliss climbs on the stake ... BUT IT IS PUT DOWN BY IYO AND ... MOONSAULT TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! Damage CTRLs attack Bliss and take a ladder, while Bianca tries to save the day ... ASUKA ARRIVES SICK WITH A KENDO BAT AND HITS DAKOTA, BUT GETS KO'd.

FROM THE LADDER AND HIT THE LEG !!! The Role Model performs her ROSE PLANT ON BIANCA AND ALEXA !!! The 3 of the Damage CTRL climb the ladder and raise their belts, with Bayley already seeing himself as RAW champion! And on these images ends RAW!