Drew McIntyre reveals the most iconic moment of his career

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Drew McIntyre reveals the most iconic moment of his career

At the age of 37, Drew Mcintyre is one of the big names in WWE. Despite having had a not-so-brilliant career in the first stint in the Stamford federation, which ended in 2014, upon his return in 2017, Drew McIntyre presented himself to the WWE Universe totally changed.

Drew McIntyre is a great champion

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, SmackDown superstar Drew McIntyre recounted how Brock Lesnar's elimination from Rumble Match made him a top of the company, making that moment iconic and likely to be remembered forever: "The fact that I eliminated Brock Lesnar from the match and that the 40,000 spectators were by my side and then won the match, without the public's love diminishing towards me, made me understand that they were on my side.

It was absolutely a unique emotion, I realized that I had truly reached a Top level." Despite the last burning defeat at Clash at the Castle against Roman Reigns (thanks to Solo Sikoa's intervention in favor of his cousin, ed), Drew McIntyre can boast of having won several WWE titles in his career, as well as winning a Royal Rumble and to have participated in and won the Main Event of the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania.

For over 20 years, Brock Lesnar has always been in the spotlight, of the WWE or the UFC little changes. Yet he has always managed to keep the distance between his personal life and that in the ring. Speaking this time at the Mirror, McIntyre revealed what the Beast is like away from WWE and what he learned from him during their various fights: “As a person outside the work situation, Brock impressed me in a positive way.

Obviously he is a very intelligent businessman, not only for how he talks and explains the various situations, also for how his career has gone, he is really ingenious, you understand? His IQ for wrestling, he's a real artist, he's on another planet." The Scottish Superstar revealed that Reigns told him backstage after the match that it was the loudest crowd that he had wrestled in front of.

"But they [fans] were 100 percent for me and against Roman and the atmosphere was great. I even asked Roman afterwards – because he has been a part of these matches with big crowds – have you heard anything like that, and he said ‘No.’ You’d be hard-pressed to find a crowd that was that loud consistently throughout, especially our match."

Drew Mcintyre