New details on the D-Generation X's reunion

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New details on the D-Generation X's reunion

During the episode of Monday Night Raw on October 10, we will attend the reunion of D-Generation X. The infamous stable will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its birth and legends of the caliber of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and Sean will enter the ring Waltman.

According to the latest rumors, Billy Gunn is not expected to be present at the aforementioned reunion. Gunn was an important member of D-Generation X during the 'Attitude Era' and his role became even more important after HBK took a sabbatical.

Billy held tag team titles with Road Dogg during that time and made millions fall in love around the world.

D-Generation X will appear on October 10th

D-Generation X is set to have a reunion on the upcoming October 10 episode of WWE RAW.

The fact that Billy Gunn is currently under contract with AEW makes it difficult for him to appear on Raw on October 10, according to Dave Meltzer, a well-known correspondent for the 'Wrestling Observer' “There will certainly be HHH, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and Sean Waltman, while the presence of Billy Gunn is highly unlikely.

The chances had increased a few months ago, as Tony Khan had allowed him to take part in the John Cena show, but the situation has changed and that track has cooled down” - explained Meltzer. The Game is expected to receive a massive ovation from the WWE Universe, as it will be his first appearance since becoming the head of the creative team.

Interviewed by 'Sporting News' a few days ago, The Game revealed an important lesson it learned from Vince McMahon: “I owe my luck to many people, but I never would have gotten here if it wasn't for Vince. None of this would have happened without his help.

WWE has become a world famous company thanks to its commitment, dedication and brilliant mind. Things change and he taught me an important lesson about it. When a change occurs, you must not be the first nor the last to experience it.

Let other people test the waters first." The D-Generation X reunion will seemingly feature most of the top stars from the group's past, although naturally, some members will not be there. The Hall of Famer stated that it was the group's tendency to go too far, and WWE's willingness to let them that was truly the key to their success.

“I actually think, truth be told, I think it was tolerance on their [WWE’s] behalf, on the office’s behalf. They really let us do whatever we wanted to do and just tell us to kind of not take it too far. Several times we did [take it too far] and we were told about it and scolded about it."