WWE hides a clue from the White Rabbit

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WWE hides a clue from the White Rabbit

During the last live shows of Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, WWE once again staged the song White Rabbit, during some segments not aired in front of the cameras, while instead in other curtains, new QRs appeared.

Code, like the one seen on Raw last week, where another video came out like the one already seen with the bunny playing hangman in the red show. This time, inside the code were the coordinates of Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada, the site of last Monday's Monday Night Raw episode, with WWE having been doing a sort of treasure hunt for weeks to find out who hides behind these mysterious videos.

Also, along with the coordinates, the word "Patricide" had already come out, which is the first argument that Wyatt used in his very first promo with the FCW, before he became NXT, in which Wyatt spoke of killing his own father.

After reading instead of the lines from Aleister Black's entry song in the episode after Smackdown, WWE has returned to leaving totally one-way signals, referring to Bray Wyatt, with the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, which has seen numerous QR Codes with clues referring to the former Universal Champion, such as the phrase written above the door of the Firefly Fun House: "Leave all hope or you who enter", become "or you who go out" with Wyatt.

White Rabbit appears again

In recent weeks, NXT's dark wrestler, Joe Gacy, namesake of the American serial killer executed in the 1990s after killing over 30 boys, has been repeatedly joined by the character of Wyatt, with Gacy very often leaving clues and of mystical and mysterious phrases on social networks.

During the episode of WWE NXT aired in the night, Gacy himself wanted to leave a clue referring to the White Rabbit and therefore probably also to Bray Wyatt, with a rabbit that popped up as a comment, with an emoji, that the wrestler would have written in the segment of Grayson Waller's Instagram live session.

Gacy's name had also come out in one of the QR Codes that had appeared on Raw just the day before, a sign that the NXT wrestler and the likely returning Bray Wyatt may have something to do with each other. But let's see the comment that came out of nowhere in the midst of the myriad of comments from fans, but that some did not escape.

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