WWE is celebrating a very happy anniversary for Kane

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WWE is celebrating a very happy anniversary for Kane

One of the best known and most loved characters of the last 20 (and beyond) years of WWE, is undoubtedly Kane, the Big Red Machine who has performed in the rings of Monday Night Raw for a whole career and now has also deservedly entered the Hall of Hunger for the company of the McMahon family, one step away from his definitive retirement from wrestling wrestling, which has not yet arrived officially.

Although his ring "half-brother", The Undertaker, has now abandoned his boots and the ring to prefer a retired life, with family and tranquility, Kane has instead become mayor of his own county, going to engage in a political role that he had never faced in his life, having only ever wrestled for years, in Knox County.

Fortunately for him, Kane was also one of the wrestlers who suffered the fewest injuries of all, with his half-brother The Undertaker, who unlike him, underwent over 20 operations to fix the damage done in the ring, including punctures, fractures and bruises.

Kane is a true legend

Just in the past few days, Kane celebrated his 25th anniversary since WWE's ring debut, with the same federation celebrating its Big Red Machine in several ways. Although he has not yet officially retired from the ring or at least the athlete has not yet communicated it to anyone, including WWE management, Kane now holds a very important political role, which does not allow him to take part in the shows of the McMahon federation.

To celebrate its 25 years of WWE, the company first wanted to insert the hashtag # Kane25 on all its social networks and then dedicate to Kane some videos and the top 10 which usually also include other wrestlers. This time, however, everything was dedicated to Kane for this important anniversary, including the playlists, with the first release on the WWE Network entitled "Kane: 25 Years of Hellfire & Brimston." Al Snow has opened up about his friendship with Glenn Jacobs ahead of the WWE legend’s 25-year anniversary as the Kane character.

“I couldn’t be happier for Glenn Jacobs,” Snow said. “He was a former partner of mine in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and was a great guy to spend time there with. He was a great guy to spend time with in WWE, and I was so happy for him that he found success as Kane and had such a tremendous and lengthy run as that persona.

Now he’s a mayor, which is just awesome. He’s a very, very intelligent man. I think people don’t realize just how highly intelligent he is”.