Edge is close to retirement?

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Edge is close to retirement?

Edge's return to the ring was one of the most thrilling events of recent years. Indeed, his career seemed to have ended in April 2011, when a stenosis of the spinal canal forced him to announce his retirement. To general amazement, the Canadian veteran returned to Royal Rumble 2020 and has established himself as a landmark on the WWE roster.

During his long and glorious career, the 48-year-old from Orangeville has racked up a staggering 31 titles. In addition to being an 11-time world champion and a 14-time duo champion, he has held the Intercontinental title five times and the United States Championship once.

As if that weren't enough, he won the 2001 edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament, the 2005 edition of Money in the Bank and two editions of the Royal Rumble (in 2010 and 2021).

Booker T on Edge

A while ago, Edge revealed his intention to retire next year in Toronto, wanting to end his career on his terms (which he failed in 2011).

The former WWE Champion will face Finn Balor in an 'I Quit match' at Extreme Rules. Given the absence of Roman Reigns, Edge should be the biggest pay-per-view star. Speaking to Sportskeeda, Booker T made an interesting remark about Edge: "It's time for Edge to step aside and I think Finn Balor will give him a good lesson in Extreme Rules." The two-time WWE Hall of Famer continued: “In recent times, Edge has often talked about his state of form and his bones starting to creak.

When a wrestler starts talking about retirement, he means that in his head he has already retired. Adam is on the final straight of his career ”. WCW legend Konnan is not of the same opinion: “Edge still has a lot to offer and he gets paid a lot of money despite his short schedule.

These are the ideal conditions for a veteran like him”. WWE legend Booker T has opened up about possibly facing Edge at Wrestlemania in the future. He would be willing to do it for the big payday that comes with a match at The Show of Shows.

"If they were to ask me to do a Wrestlemania match with Edge, of course I would do it. I don't think there's anything on their radar or anything like that. I don't have any itch to scratch as far as getting back in the ring or anything.

But you know me guys. I'm all about that paper, baby. You know, that WrestleMania check was always good. Always good," said Booker T.