Alexa Bliss silences a fan

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Alexa Bliss silences a fan

During the episode of Raw a few Mondays ago, Alexa Bliss went up against Bayley in a match in which the former Wyatt adept came out with broken bones and with WWE reporters who noticed that the girl was not giving its 100% to the match.

Apparently, according to reports from some sources close to WWE, it would seem that WWE may have plans to bring Bliss back to Wyatt's side, returning to make them express with all their "powers" on-screen, for that tonight.

Bliss gave a sign of letting up in front of the cameras. As if all this were not enough, in the last episode of the red show, we saw an interference go to create a virtual hologram of the character of the Fiend on the head of his former companion.

After days of incessant rumors surfaced online about her, Alexa Bliss also wanted to say her, going to answer directly to fans who asked her questions on her social profiles, saying that she didn't know anything about what they were talking about.

Alexa Bliss responds harshly

Apparently, there would not only be room for online rumors, but also for harsh criticism. During one of the episodes of his podcast, this JD from New York, who always records a podcast on the world of wrestling, especially on the WWE, was answered by none other than the former world champion of the McMahon federation: Alexa Bliss.

After being told that she doesn't deserve the main event, Alexa responded to the podcast comment: "Tell that to the sale of my JB merchandise. Keep doing your job, which is talking about... Me "In no uncertain terms, the beautiful Alexa silenced the fan who had been talking for minutes about the fact that the match between Alexa and IYO SKY could not be called a main event, especially on Raw.

According to the fan, Alexa absolutely did not deserve the main. event, being cold as ice. Who knows if the answer on Twitter thawed her a bit or froze him?! During a recent appearance on the MackMania podcast, Alexa Bliss stated that she's currently working on a new version of herself, and she's waiting for the right time to show it.

"There is a version of me that I am dying to get to. It just hasn't gotten there yet... I saw this collage of all these different characters I've been in WWE and I was like, 'Man, I've been like nine different people.' ... There has been something that I've been working on for quite a while that I really want to get out there... It's all about timing."

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