A fundraiser has been created for Sara Lee

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A fundraiser has been created for Sara Lee

In the late evening yesterday, we unfortunately had to report the tragic news of the death of Sara Lee, former winner of the 2015 WWE Tough Enough program, with the girl who in those years took her first steps in WWE, but never managed to break into the world of pro-wrestling.

In fact, at just 30 years old, the poor girl left us, leaving the former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake, married only a while ago, a widower. Sara Lee had published her last post on Instagram only on Wednesday, with these words: “I'm finally celebrating the fact that I am back healthy enough to be able to return to the gym for two days in a row.

The first sinus infection ever kicked my butt”. Initially it was not known if the news that emerged online was verified and was not a hoax, but in the end it was the girl's family who confirmed online that her death was unfortunately true.

Immediately upon learning of the tragic news, the girl's closest friends and colleagues began raising money for Sara's family funeral, with Monday Night Raw superstar Alexa Bliss, who managed to make a splash. in a very short time the total amount of money reached, with an estimated ceiling of up to 20,000 dollars.

Sara Lee died tragically

Thanks to the constant prayers of friends and relatives, at the moment over 11,000 dollars have already been raised for Sara Lee's family, with all the proceeds going to her husband and children for the expenses that a family needs after each tragic death, but let's see what Bull James writes on the GoFundMe website to organize the collection: "We’re all shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Tough Enough winner Sara Lee.

As her loving husband di lei, Cory, picks up the pieces and continues to raise their 3 children, the last thing anyone in that position wants to be worried about is money and paying for a funeral and everything else that comes along with it.

The wrestling community has always been one to come together in the wake of tragedy and this is no different. Every penny raised from this will go directly to Cory and the kids. Thank you all in advance. RIP Sara, you were one of the good ones.

- Bull." In December 2017, The Tough Enough winner tied the knot with former WWE superstar Wesley Blake. The couple have a daughter, Piper Weston, born on May 1, 2017, and a son named Brady born on February 27, 2019.