Jimmy Smith got a particular offer

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Jimmy Smith got a particular offer

As announced exclusively by Variety, with the various season premiers of its shows, WWE has decided to change things a bit regarding the comment table and backstage interviewers both on the main roster and at NXT, with different names.

which will move to the various weekly shows of the company, passing from Raw to Smackdown to NXT and vice versa. The name of the reporter who will leave the company, however, the only one who for the moment will no longer have a role in front of the McMahon cameras, is that of Jimmy Smith, former reporter of Monday Night Raw, who already came from the commentary of the MMA only a very short time ago.

Apparently, the choice to leave WWE seems to have been made by Smith himself, who apparently would like something different at this point in his career. The company had to replace Smith's commentary with Kevin Patrick on Monday Night Raw.

Jimmy Smith receives a particular offer

Not even time to leave WWE, that Jimmy Smith would have received a very special job offer from a red light site, with such an offer, including financial compensation, which would have been revealed by the Ringside News site.

The content of the letter sent to Smith, in fact, reports: "Dear Mr. Jimmy Smith, I'm sad to see his time with WWE as a reporter is over. However, I see an opportunity to work together in some similar role. I'd like to extend a contract offer to comment on private adult webcam sessions for CamSoda, an adult entertainment platform, for one year.

He should be in charge of the play-by-play commentary for the action that happens in the room, just like all the live events the company puts on throughout the year including 'Cars Wars' and beer pong. In return, for your commentary services, we will be willing to reward you with an amount of $ 500,000.

Please consider my offer. I await an answer from you. Greetings." Following Variety's report, Jimmy Smith took to social media to confirm that he was done with the company and spoke highly of his time there. "Just wanted to say, now that the story is officially out, that my time with the WWE is officially done.

Had a lot of fun and met some great people. Really and truly blown away by the acceptance from the WWE fans! You folks make it work every week and your enthusiasm was amazing," Jimmy Smith said in a tweet.

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