Kurt Angle tells a crazy anecdote

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Kurt Angle tells a crazy anecdote

One of the most original and bizarre storylines of the WWF/E past, saw as its protagonists the historic WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young, who still holds the record of the only wrestler in the world to have fought in at least one different match in each decade of his life, or 9, having started fighting shortly before the age of majority and having stopped practically shortly before his death, even if he had been retired for several years and the other Hall of Famer of the federation Mark Henry.

In the famous storyline broadcast by Wwf during the Attitude Era, the two wrestlers, despite the huge age difference, had a relationship in the backstage of the federation, with this liaison that was also transported to the rings of the McMahon company, at the beginning 2000s.

From this relationship, a hand was born, which for years always returned to some comedy segment of the company, until shortly before the death of the historic wrestler. In addition, until a few months before the death of the historic McMahon athlete, the feisty Mae has always taken an active part in some segment of the WWE, taking huge and risky bumps even at over 70-80 years of age, such as when the Dudleys Boyz smashed her into a table, with the federation fans gasping.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed the unexpected instructions female legend Mae Young has given him ahead of their controversial segment on Monday Night Raw in February 2000.

Kurt Angle speaks about Mae Young

Another historic and unmissable angle of which Mae Young was the protagonist in her very rich and very long life, was the one also starring the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, in which the Olympic hero of the McMahon company hit her with his finisher.

In the last episode of his podcast, Kurt Angle wanted to bring this segment back to mind, with the former WWE world champion who in fact told: "She wanted me to hit her with my Angle Slam as hard as I could. That night before the match she came to me and she said 'Hey, I want you to break my ass, throw me as hard as you can.

I fucking wanna hear it! ' And I was like 'Oh my God, this lady wants me to kick her in the f ** or as hard as I can." In the end, as you can see for yourself from the video below, the segment really came out very well, with Mae Young taking arguably one of the most painful Angle Slams of the Olympic hero's career, taking her at her word and hitting her right. as she wanted.

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