Alicia Fox got engaged

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Alicia Fox got engaged

After so many difficult years, it's nice to see that finally Alicia Fox has managed to find a smile again thanks to the love of the one who officially became her boyfriend a few hours ago. Through a Twitter account of a * fan, we learned that the former WWE wrestler said yes: “Alicia Fox got engaged yesterday!

Mother mother mother. Congratulations mother Alicia Foxy, "in this case" mother "is a word of affection as if to say that her fans see her as a bit of a mentor, something like that. Alicia Fox spent more than a decade as part of the WWE roster, making her debut in 2008 before leaving the company in 2019.

During her time there, she won the WWE Diva's Championship once as the first African American to do so. . The last match took place with Tamina against the IIconics at WWE Main Event, then she returned to participate in the women's Royal Rumble in 2021 and 2022 and participated in a special episode of Raw on the legends during the pandemic.

Alicia Fox is happy

In 2019, not so many months after leaving WWE, Alicia Fox was resentful on social media with a very touching story: "For a while I thought I could avoid having to deal with my recovery from alcohol. I am a human being and I realized it was time to be transparent and honest with you on social media.

TODAY, I've been sober for a few months, I creatively navigated my emotions, picked up some skills AND I WANT HELP!!! I have learned that alcoholism is a life threatening situation and support is available !! I realized that I can express what I have inside and BE A HELP to someone who thinks it's hard to believe that "YOU ARE IMPORTANT" and deserves an opportunity to learn how to live a clean and sober life ...

it would be an honor to share my hope, strength and experience SEND ME A LETTER to @resilienceamongmankind 3948 third street South suite 442, Jacksonville Beach 32250. I invite anyone to a safe social place to discuss and understand how our mind transforms." Since then she has been sober and now she is also happily engaged.

Congratulations Foxy! Since then, Alicia Fox has appeared on WWE TV several times as part of RAW Legends Night, at Wrestlemania 37, and as a participant in the 2021 and 2022 Women's Royal Rumble matches. Instead, The Bella Twins announced on their podcast that the former champion has returned to school and is now looking to study for a new career.