Mickie James opens up on her future

Mickie James had her first WWE stint between 2003 and 2010

by Simone Brugnoli
Mickie James opens up on her future

In the September 1st episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Mickie James made herself see again after about a month out of the scene, after leaving the show in a dramatic way, as if to make us understand that she would not be back.

To top it all off, on social media she had made it clear with several tweets that probably her career had now come to an end, with fans who started writing her not to give up or that she would surely miss her. During her new appearance, the business legend announced that this will be her last chance to prove who she is, to beat new talent and to bring the Knockouts belt back to life.

Otherwise, if she should even suffer another defeat, it will be her end for her. This experience is called 'The Last Rodeo'

New details on Mickie James

During the Bound For Glory Press Pass, Mickie James was asked if she sees herself moving forward in the world of wrestling in any way after she retired from competition in the ring.

When she was asked to name the roles that interest her most, she replied: "All of them. I love them all, and that's a beautiful thing, I have dedicated more than half of my life to this business. During that time, I tried to learn as much as possible about every aspect of the job, from behind the scenes, I am I've been a commentator, I've been a producer, I've been a coach.

I've been a lot of things. There's a unique sense of joy I get from each of these things. I could see myself as a manager, I could see myself as a commentator, I could see myself behind the scenes. fifth," said James. Then, after saying that she fell in love with wrestling thanks to the storylines and the characters, rather than the wrestling, she also added that more than anything she wants to help young talents in the business, so she will definitely focus on whatever role she decides to take.

Mickie James was released from WWE on April 15, 2021, along with several other wrestlers. "Nothing surprises me really anymore. It's hard to have expectations because nothing ever goes according to your plan but I thought I would wrap my career there." Mickie James continued, "I was like so grateful to be able to go back and have the opportunity to kind of wrap up my story there and kind of bow out in a good graceful kind of way because I felt like the first time I left was on such weird terms and I did some amazing stuff when I came back."

Mickie James