Jim Ross comments on his decision to leave WWE

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Jim Ross comments on his decision to leave WWE

During the March 7, 2019 Jim Ross Report podcast, he announced that, when his contract expires on March 29, he would be leaving WWE. On April 3, 2019 it was announced that Ross had signed a three-year deal with All Elite Wrestling as a commentator and senior advisor.

The new company founded by the Khan family has already signed champions like Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega thanks to the help of former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. In a long interview with TMZ, JR commented on his decision to leave WWE: “Well, I wasn’t being used enough, wasn’t getting much playing time.

You know, all of us grizzled old veterans think we can still play, so I just believe I have some juice left in the berry, and the opportunity came about. I never had an opportunity like this as far as the financial rewards.

New people, young management. It’s a lot of fun. So it was the right time”. He also added: “Twenty-six years, great run. Twenty-six years, wouldn’t trade it for anything. But the opportunity do something new with AEW and the Khan family, [it was] too good to pass up.

They have a strong belief that I can still do my storytelling job ringside in this wrestling business. So, we’re gonna give it another run and have some fun”.