Jim Ross pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero


Jim Ross pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was one of the best wrestlers ever in the wrestling world. He is considered among the best as regards his technique in the ring, his skill at the microphone and also possessed a great ability, that is to pass from the side of the bad to that of the good (and vice versa, ed) in a very short time.

Although he did not have major problems fighting in a ring, the same cannot be said for what was going on in his private life. One above all was the problem related to alcohol abuse that we all know by now: according to the insiders of the time, this was precisely the biggest limitation of the Hall of Famer.

A great demon who, with the addition of the use of painkillers, forced WWE, back in 2001, to send Latino Heat to rehab, to try to help him get through a really complicated moment in his life. But the former WWE Champion reached the bottom of the chasm when, again in 2001, he was arrested by the police for driving under the influence, forcing Jim Ross to fire him.

Jim Ross on Eddie Guerrero

In a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross opened up about the firing of Eddie Guerrero, stating how that decision turned out to be the most complicated of his entire career: the greatness made in person.

I had in front of me one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world one step away from the abyss due to his problems, he absolutely needed a hand. But in order to solve all his problems, Eddie had to talk about it with us, he had to collaborate with us who just wanted to help him.

This is why we have continued to wait for him. So yeah, it was the hardest decision of my career because I had enormous emotional involvement with him." Eddie Guerrero then returned to WWE in 2002 and won the WWE Championship at No Way Out in 2004, surprisingly defeating then-champion Brock Lesnar.

He continued to fight until his disappearance in November 2005. The latest episode of Refin' it up with Brian Hebner honored the memory of the former WWE Champion. When Hebner was asked if he thought Guerrero would be happy with the way the wrestling industry is today, Hebner didn't believe he would be.

"No, I don’t (think he would be happy with it.). I think Eddie would like it, but not love it," Brian Hebner said. "I think the current style that’s used is not something he would be particularly happy about, in my opinion.

What I’m talking about is the crash and burn [and] no sells. Everybody kicks out of everybody’s finish. I just don’t think that’s Eddie Guerrero."

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