The Wendy Williams Show is Angry at Banks!

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The Wendy Williams Show is Angry at Banks!

Professional wrestlers love being invited on TV shows. It helps the wrestlers stay popular and helps them build a greater fan following. They can also play out the storyline that they are given and that helps them sell the fight.

Of course, only a small number of wrestlers can take full advantage of being called to a TV show. Then there are wrestlers who don’t like appearing on TV shows or make rare appearances. Some wrestlers stay in character 24/7.

The Undertaker was known for that. As noted, Sasha Banks was scheduled to make an appearance on The Wendy Williams show. She cancelled her appearance only hours before the show was about to go live. According to Page Six sources, the production crew was angry at Sasha Banks for pulling out a few hours before.

"She won't be booked again," the source told them. "She didn't give a real reason for canceling, and she did it only hours before the show tapes, so production was left scrambling to fill her spot. Wendy ended up doing an extra segment of Hot Topics instead."

Banks also wrote the following on her Twitter account: "Your crisis of purpose and passion is acting up, but they tell you that that's suppose to be normal. Well... I don't want normal, I want magic; cause that's the place that feels like home to me.

That's the place where I remember what dreams look like, where meaning is effortless, and purpose is simple. That's the place where love still matters”. "I want that feeling of coming home again. I want to feel like myself.... I want that magic”