Ronda Rousey slams WWE

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Ronda Rousey slams WWE

Ronda Rousey as we know does several vlogs on her YouTube channel and during the last one, shot a few months ago around the Wrestlemania Backlash period, the fighter wanted to have her say on how WWE treats the women's division.

In fact, she stated: "I wanted to take back WWE for putting only one female match out of six matches at Backlash and to say that we are more than 1/6 of the company and I need to do my matches and make sure that more women are in first place.

Also, I don't want to say 'women' in the title anymore. And I think they're a little reluctant to take it off. So I thought, 'Can I just not have to say that?' So that's the point. For example, I've always wanted to work with Raquel [Rodriguez].

I've always wanted to work with Raquel because she's really fucking strong. She is a great fighter, but I love working with girls who can support my weight. She just lets me do a lot more and you know that if I had to, I could carry her weight, but I don't think she does that kind of thing.

I wonder who will be next. She forces me to look at the entire camp at SmackDown which is less than 10 people. Shotzi Aliyah, Raquel, Nattie, Shayna, Naomi, Sasha, is that it? I want to be an active champion. I went back to fighting to be able to fight.

Doing promos and all those things, it's cool and all, but I love wrestling. And I want to be able to get more time in the ring because I just get better every time."

Ronda Rousey slams WWE

Unfortunately with women there always seems to be a block when it comes to building untitled storylines for them and so does Ronda Rousey: "I mean, there aren't enough women on both rosters, but I mean, you can say that there is not enough time on TV for men and women from both rosters combined.

So does it shrink the roster and cut TV time? Or does it add to the roster by creating more depth? One thing that's really missing is that none of the women have storylines if not related to the headlines, that is, if you look at the pay-per-view there are several male matches that aren't for the headlines and the women don't seriously get any untitled storylines, something that could give the right depth to make them known to everyone before throwing them into the titled round."